The PC-3000 Flash is a hardware-software system intended for recovering data from all NAND based devices (USB Flash Drives, SD, MS, xD, MMC, CF, VoiceRecorder, iPhone, etc.) in such cases where there is no access through the authorized drive interface.

Data recovery from USB drives, memory cards, mobile storage devices

The PC-3000 Flash is based on our own “know-how” technology of getting direct access to Flash memory microchips. The microchip is desoldered from the storage device and read by our special device – the “Flash reader” – providing access to data when the controller is damaged. This technology greatly increases the chances of successful data recovery even when the storage device is physically damaged.

The PC-3000 Flash contains an up-to-date large memory chip database that allows you to identify and read microchips in automatic mode. Complicated stack organizations which consist of several parts are automatically detected by the PC-3000 Flash as well.

NAND microchip technology is constantly changing: microchips are becoming more high-tech, new principles of functionality are created and new requirements and protocols for microchips appear, for example, TLC microchips. Because of this constant change, the Flash Reader software is continuously updated to provide support for new microchips in accordance with the strict requirements necessary for correct functionality.

The PC-3000 Flash is capable of automatically checking and downloading the latest libraries via the Internet:

  • supply circuit library
  • Memory chip library
  • ECC algorithm library
  • XOR library
  • Library of Analysis algorithms, preparation and research methods
  • page format library

If there are any new resources, they are downloaded from the ACE Laboratory server and updated.
In addition to a great variety of manual and visual modes, the PC-3000 Flash has automatic data recovery methods which help solve both simple and difficult cases. For example, in most cases, Complex analysis allows for making all prior operations automatically and get access to user data.

The PC-3000 Flash Kit:

PC Flash Reader – 1pcs
LGA/TLGA-52 adapter (14×18) – 1pcs.
BGA-152 adapter – 1 pcs.
Circuit Board adapter – 1 pcs.
Connectors Set – 1 pcs.
USB 2.0 Defender Cable – 1 pcs.
PC-3000 Flash Software – 1 DVD
User Manual – 1 pcs.